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Hila kitchen (Photo by John Anderson)

Perhaps this is just a logical consequence of the maxim “Nothing succeeds like success”: perhaps some food blogs are noticed, which encourages creators to try harder and harder, which which results in increased publication, better looking design, more concise writing and greater reach. In any case, although I have rated over a hundred active food blogs in Austin, there are many repeats from last year and only a few newcomers to the list.

1) Hila cooking ( This internet cooking show produced by Hilah Johnson and Christopher Sharpe has become more professional, comprehensive and easier to enjoy over the past year. Hilah now posts two cooking videos each day, along with enjoyable blog posts, downloadable cookbooks, and easy-to-print recipe cards.

2) Love and lemons ( Last year’s 1st place winner continued to excel throughout the year, no doubt helped by Jeanine Donofrio’s career move to “almost full-time blogger and food stylist”. The blog’s reach continues to be extensive (recipes, books, gadgets) and the site is easy to navigate, beautiful and well-written.

3) What are you drinking? ( This fascinating and compelling blog discusses the booze in all its wondrous forms. Filled with history, hard facts, insightful opinions and scholarship, it’s a great resource for anyone looking to learn about spirits and wine.

4) Local flavor ( This blog has gotten so slick it doesn’t look local anymore (does it have a national readership now?). Either way, it’s still one of Austin’s best food blogs, showcasing central Texas at its best. The site now also offers a downloadable recipe book and step-by-step cooking videos, and the amount of information it contains is staggering.

5) Caramelized ( This young blog is truly remarkable, featuring timely and compelling recipes and restaurant reviews, complemented by excellent photography. Readable and engaging.

6) Gourmet Vegetarian Mom ( It’s amazing that a lady with a 2 year old and another baby on the way is able to write such detailed and helpful articles about her personal eating habits. There are baby food recipes, adult dinner recipes, treat recipes, and posts on everything from organizing your freezer to making cocktails. All foodies and all vegetarians.

7) South Austin Food ( This blog has done a heroic job of keeping up to date and never fails to interest. In addition to documenting meals both in restaurants and at home, the South Austin Foodie summarizes the news and previews events and openings, all accompanied by stellar photography and bold opinion.

8) No satiation ( This blog is the portal to Will Burdette’s Austin food podcasts, which feature fascinating interviews with chefs, writers, and other food connoisseurs, as well as reporting on macro issues like food politics and cultural trends.

9) Ginny’s Austin ( Ginny is still burning the sidewalk, dashing around Austin and getting the inside scoop on restaurants, trailers, festivals, events and music. Her comprehensive take on Austin’s culinary and social whirlwind is energetic and infectious.

10) Sterling and oats ( This new-to-me blog stands out from the other worthy ones with its clean design and awesome photography. Focusing primarily on baking and home cooking, Sterling and Oats has won acclaim for its accessibility and zest for life.

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