The 5 Best Mediterranean Food Blogs You Should Follow Right Now

When we think of going on a diet, we think of a strict diet. The plan generally limits us to consuming small amounts of a particular selection of foods so that we can lose weight. A conscious and balanced diet consists of eating the right amount of nutritious foods from different food groups. This is where the Mediterranean diet comes in.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet aims to be as appetizing as it is healthy. Because this way of eating doesn’t limit you like most other diets, it’s considered more of a way of life and has been linked to better heart health and better brain function.

Packed with delicious ingredients like garden-fresh produce, whole grains, and an abundance of healthy fats, the Mediterranean diet has been shown to help with weight loss and prevent heart attacks.

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The Mediterranean diet often varies from country to country. The general rule of the diet promotes the consumption of a varied selection of vegetables and fruits, limited red meat products, a healthy amount of fats, such as olive oil and fish, and less dairy and sweet foods.

If you’re looking for a diet that lets you eat amazing foods, but is rated as one of the healthiest diets in the world, then it’s time to learn more about the Mediterranean diet! Here are the best Mediterranean food blogs you can follow right now to start your journey.


The Hungry Bites Mediterranean Diet Blog Recipes Webpage

If you’re looking for a helpful Mediterranean food blog with a bit of everything, then you need to check out The Hungry Bites blog. This blog is filled with traditional Mediterranean dishes as well as modern, healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan recipes.

The Hungry Bites is dedicated to exploring the Mediterranean diet and includes an endless number of recipes including salads, desserts, appetizers, snacks, drinks and more. Some of the easiest recipes to try include tzatziki sauce, corn on the cob, and Israeli couscous salad. Test your culinary skills with more challenging recipes like Greek snail risotto or vegan olive oil cake.

The author of this blog, Makos, actually grew up on Crete, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which makes him more than capable of showing you the ropes of the Mediterranean diet. Makos even has a page on his blog dedicated to explaining what the Mediterranean diet is all about.

The Mediterranean Dish Blog Holiday Recipes Webpage

Run by Suzy, The Mediterranean Dish blog is popular for covering a wide range of important information about the Mediterranean way of life, but it’s mainly the delicious, comforting recipes that make it so popular.

The variety of Mediterranean dishes is great. Not only can you find vegan dishes, breads, soups, and stews, but the recipes are neatly categorized by cuisine. The Mediterranean Dish blog is organized in such a way that it is very easy to find what you are looking for, whether it is Lebanese, Egyptian or Spanish recipes.

Having grown up in Port Said, a city in the Mediterranean, Suzy brings her personal touch to Mediterranean cuisine. Once you’re done browsing the recipes, stop by the online store which is full of quirky Mediterranean products like olive oil, spices, tahini and more. His blog also has a helpful page that tells newbies all about the Mediterranean diet lifestyle.

Mediterraneo Tasty Recipes Blog Home Page

Best known for being led by a professional nutrition and health coach, the Tasty Mediterraneo blog encourages readers to eat healthy Mediterranean dishes every day.

Born in the Mediterranean, Margarita has always had a passion for nutrition and Mediterranean food, which is why she combined the two. On her blog, she shares various tasty recipes, such as Mediterranean-style guacamole, potato kibbeh, and Lebanese cheese fatayers. If you’re looking for something more specific, her recipes are categorized into thoughtful groups like gluten-free, vegan, breakfast, entrees, desserts, and many more.

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Because the blog is run by a qualified nutrition and health coach, it includes lots of useful information on how to change the look of your plate and eat foods that are better for you. Margarita also offers personal coaching and a podcast supporting a healthier, healthier lifestyle.

Living Mediterranean Food Blog Home Page

This website is full of useful information on the Mediterranean diet, including recipes, videos, a cookbook, and even an online weight loss program.

Run by a series of authors, Mediterranean Living is a great website to check out if you want to learn all about the Mediterranean diet. The idea behind this website is to provide you with the best information on the Mediterranean diet from around the world, helping you change your lifestyle.

In addition to two online programs, the Mediterranean Weight Loss Program and the Mediterranean Way Program, Mediterranean Living also offers an amazing selection of recipes. When searching for recipes, you have the choice to categorize them by course, cooking style, national cuisine, and type of diet. This is a great feature that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s weight loss and anti-inflammatory meals or Mediterranean keto dishes.

Olive Tomato Mediterranean Diet Blog Homepage

Elena, the dietitian nutritionist who runs this blog, is of Greek descent and has decades of experience. She also followed the Mediterranean diet all her life.

Along with hundreds of delicious recipes, the blog also covers Mediterranean diet tips and helpful guides. The guides include meal plans and a shopping list as well as smart tips, such as shortcuts, resolutions and money-saving tips. From legumes, seafood, pasta and potatoes to recipes for special diets, the Olive Tomato blog is the one you need to follow right away.

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Olive Tomato is the perfect blog for you if you want to embark on an authentic Mediterranean diet; Plus, you can buy a book with everything you need to know.

Mediterranean cuisine can help you live a healthier life

If you’re looking to improve your health, protect yourself from disease, lose weight, and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle, the Mediterranean diet comes highly recommended. These blogs are the perfect way for you to change your current way of eating and successfully start your journey to the Mediterranean diet.

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