Nine food blogs to follow right now

A Cozy Kitchen
You got us blood orange pound cake. As the title suggests, the focus is on comfort food and there are enough sweet and savory recipes here to get you through the winter months and beyond. There are plenty of photos so you know what’s going on every step of the way.

A Valentine’s Day creation from A Cozy Kitchen. Photo / Provided

The new potato
Two sisters, Danielle and Laura Kosann, launched their online magazine The new potato to Talk about their favorite celebrity, fashion, movie, TV and beauty topics and how they relate to food. The pair make no secret of the fact that they aren’t chefs and don’t consider themselves as such, which means the recipes are simple enough to slip into your repertoire for the week, with plenty of stories to digest after the having dinner. They recently compiled their thoughts, interviews and advice into a cookbook, weaving together dozens of simple and delicious recipes.

The New Potato publishes a refreshing mix of recipes, fashion guides and interviews. Photo / Provided

local milk
Filled with beautiful photography, this blog is a treasure trove of recipes but also covers travel, beauty, design and DIY ideas. His posts contain how-to guides on things like the most Instagram-friendly spots in Parisfor the happy traveler (and dreamers).

Local Milk publishes comprehensive travel guides to great destinations. Photo / Provided

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Small portions
Rose Young’s miniature pieces have captured our eyes — and our stomachs — ever since her tiny food artworks hit Instagram in 2015. Since then, the Wellington sculptor’s @tinyportions Instagram account has continually provided our flows with her detailed polymer clay creations. , proving that good things do come in small packages. #deliciousaf

Tiny Portions carvings are incredibly detailed. Photo / Provided

Green Kitchen Stories
For all the smoothie ideas and vegetarian recipes you’ll ever need, look no further than Green Kitchen Stories. Their recipes are wholesome yet always delicious, and their lush photography makes it easy to imagine all the flavors in every bite. Their simple videos are also a great way to get quick cooking inspiration.

Hungry Girl Porvida
This blog might just win a prize for most donut recipes, Bailey’s Coffee Cream Donuts and Mini Strawberry Buttermilk Donuts. There are also clever ideas for parties and special occasions, from Easter to Halloween.

Coffee, Coconut and Cream Cheese Donuts by Hungry Girl Por Vida. Photo / Provided

Shake kitchen
Deb Perelman’s blog, Smitten Kitchen, is full of great everyday recipes that include photos of almost every step. Stop by if you’re not very confident in the kitchen or short on time, and you’ll find enough inspiration for all your meals for the week (and lunch the next day).

Smitten Kitchen Meatballs with Crispy Turmeric Chickpeas. Photo / Provided

RECIPES: Quick, Hassle-Free Midweek Dinners

love and lemons
All the recipes on Love and Lemons are the winning combination of simple and incredibly attractive and the layout makes it easy to narrow down the hundreds of recipes by ingredient or special diet. Easy dinners are their specialty, but there are also ideas for cocktails, vegan shakes, party bites and baked goods.

Quinoa and kale quesadillas. Photo / Provided

lunch lady
This blog has the cutest design and is perfect for anyone who cooks with their kids or just loves simple, nostalgic recipes. There are also plenty of articles and food for thought on topics such as children, education and food, all presented in a bright and fun way, as well as plenty of creative activities, gardening tips and illustrations.

Elderflower ice cream blocks with edible flowers by Lunch Lady Blog. Photo / Provided

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