Meet the 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards Finalists: 6 Essential Travel Blogs

The FLAVOR Blog Awards are here, and from a pool of tens of thousands of reader nominations, we’ve selected 72 finalists in 12 categories. It’s now your turn to vote for a winner. Vote here early and often; you can vote as many times as you want before September 6th. Today: Meet the finalists in our Best Travel Blog category, in their own words.


These six travel bloggers are going to give you some serious inspiration for your next big trip. Whether it’s a food you’ve never heard of or a destination you’ve never seen, our intrepid travel blog finalists have it all covered.

The blog: Strangertalk aims to tell the stories of travel that go untold – the stories of locals who passionately cultivate their history and traditions, of recipes and crafts passed down from generation to generation, and to capture the everyday moments that exist in n any community. From learning the power of magical Thai Buddhist tattoos, to meeting some of Japan’s latest kombu razors, to shaving paper-thin seaweed with the sharpest knives in the country, this n t is not a blog about their travels or a guide to any particular city—these are true experiences celebrating local culture and its timeless, albeit sometimes waning, traditions.

The bloggers: Leaving behind the daily grind, food writer Eloise Basuki and photographer Leigh Griffiths left their lives in Sydney to explore Asian cuisine and culture the best way they knew how: by talking to the locals. After gobbling up all the noodles and petting all the street dogs in China, they settled in Bangkok, where traditions are strong, street food is a way of life and the rest of Asia was right on their doorstep. With journalism assignments taking them to Hong Kong, Osaka and Seoul, Strangertalk began in 2017 sharing more personal stories about the food, crafts and people they stumbled upon.

The blog: The Foodie Miles is a sincere attempt to understand the world through its diverse cuisines. Whether it’s cracking coconuts in Colombo’s tiny kitchen, eating breakfast prepared by cowboys in the Texas countryside, or partaking in the traditional Mexican tamalada, each experience teaches you more. on the culture, the people and possibly on yourself. Food is the universal language of the world that everyone can understand. The blog is a girl’s journey to learn this language.

The blogger: Yulia Dyukova is a Russian food and travel blogger who first found her home in Sri Lanka, then Brazil and most recently Austin, Texas. He’s the kind of person who starts a search for the new country by Googling “what to eat in…” instead of “what to visit in…”, who spends hours reading about the origins of walnut pie. pecan before making one and who doesn’t. considering queuing 50 people to get a cronut is a waste of time.

The blog: This is the place I was telling you about, which likes to focus on the best places to stay, eat, drink coffee and explore. It’s more about finding a city’s hidden gems – you know, the places you don’t see crowds of tourists flocking to. Bloggers hope their photos, especially their movie stories, will take you on a journey that will make you want to get out and explore.

The blogger: R’el Dade and Marcus Lloyd are two Texans living in New York. A few years ago they fell in love with taking photos and discovering new restaurants and cafes in the city. For a while, they would always have places to recommend, but they could never think of their favorites off the top of their heads when it came to suggestions. They started a list that eventually turned into a blog and vowed to explore more cities in search of lovely places they would like to tell people about. They have a lot of fun doing this together and are always up for a great adventure, and if they can tell a story while doing it, why not?

The blog: Matt The List is a photography-focused website focusing on food, drink and travel in London and beyond. He’s been sharing snaps and stories since 2013, but the website in its current form has only been live since summer 2016 after a much-needed revamp. The travel section, Matt The Trips, covers Matt’s adventures outside of London, including city guides, visits to remote breweries and distilleries and his ongoing search for the most beautiful sunrises. Everything is linked by Map The List maps which can be used for free on the website.

The blogger: Matt is a London-based photographer, writer and musician with a passion for food, drink and travel. Over the past few years since the blog started, photography has become more of a hobby, and Matt is rarely seen without a camera in his hand. Photography is at the heart of the site, with a style firmly focused on lighting, color and atmosphere. Matt hopes readers will be drawn to his photos, stick around for the writing, and be inspired to get out and see new places for themselves.

The blog: Potato Chips Are Not a Dinner Party was born out of necessity: 14 hours of work as a flight attendant, days away from a home and kitchen, and eating any packaged food that rolled to the bottom out of his flight bag for dinner. Perhaps that’s why blogger Paulina Farro became hyper-aware of what people around the world were filling their bellies with as she traveled the world. With nothing but her camera, her sketchbook, and her curious belly, she’s always on the lookout for off-the-beaten-track trails and unique places to see and eat in each destination. Slices of wagyu beef from Japan and octopus tentacles from Greece dance in her head until she is able to put pen to paper.

The blogger: Paulina Farro has always loved cooking and bringing people together around food; she grew up watching her grandmother cook beloved Filipino recipes and boring her with her eager but dull lumpia rolling skills. Potato Chips Are Not Dinner is the ultimate creative outlet and allows her to combine her passion for art, food, travel and photography.

The blog: Azahar is a journal of stories about food, traditions, life and travel. It’s about finding and preparing food the traditional way, living a healthy paleo lifestyle, exploring blogger Debra Dorn’s hometown of Seville, the rest of Andalucia and Spain, and join her to explore the world and enjoy all the delicious food along the way.

The blogger: Debra Dorn inherited her wanderlust. She can’t understand life without seeing all the world has to offer. And one of the most appealing features of traveling is trying new flavors, discovering new cuisines, learning to cook with different ingredients, and then trying to recreate the exotic dishes at home. Cooking and traveling are her two biggest passions.


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