5 Greek Food Blogs to Follow

(CNN) — Your epic Greek vacation is about to begin and all you can think about is all the delicious food you can enjoy during your stay.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered until then: a selection of food blogs and vlogs that will make your mouth water and maybe even inspire you to try a recipe or two.

Here are five Greek food gurus you should be following right now.

Diane Kochilas

Greek cooking expert Diane Kochilas shares healthy recipes, cooking tips and personal videos on her website.

Vasilis Stenos

Chef, author and host of cooking shows Diane Kochilas hails from Ikaria, the Greek island famous for the longevity of its inhabitants.

She is an ambassador for healthy Greek cuisine and offers countless Greek recipes on her website, ranging from classics such as spanakorizo ​​(rice with Greek spinach) and dolmades (vegetarian stuffed grape leaves in fresh tomato sauce ) to more creative recipes such as sweet potato moussaka with pumpkin, mushroom “gyro” pitta wrap sandwich or spicy hot chocolate with mastiha.

Kochilas’ current favorite Greek dish is roasted whole eggplant with crumbled feta and crispy sardine bones with crunchy sea salt from MeZen, a small meze restaurant in the mainland port of Volos.

“Athens is an amazing foodie city, especially for a taste of hip, modern Greek cuisine,” she says.

“Thessaloniki is also a great food city. But everywhere you travel here, you notice how close to the land the Greeks are. That’s the real secret to good food, understanding the ingredients and the seasons, and knowing how to use all the beautiful things that grow wild.”

Her most recent cookbook “Ikaria: Lessons in Food, Life and Longevity from the Greek Island Where People Forget to Die” is based on Ikarian wisdom on all things food.

My little expatriate kitchen


My Little Expat Kitchen is run by Magdalini Zografou, a “Greek girl who cooks in her little expat kitchen in the Netherlands”.

My little expatriate kitchen

It features a variety of recipes, from traditional Greek cuisine to more international recipes, and its detailed, personal articles vibrate with skillful photography that’s sure to send you straight to the kitchen.

The Athens-born blogger likes to experiment with new flavors, but tends to return to traditional dishes in her everyday cooking.

Briam, a vegetable dish consisting of eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and onions cooked in tomato sauce, is her current favorite recipe.

“Served with freshly baked sourdough bread and feta on the side, it’s a heavenly meal,” says Zografou, who has lived in The Hague, Netherlands, for eight years.

Greek barley bread, gemista (meat-stuffed tomatoes and peppers baked in a tomato sauce with olive oil) and tiropita (Greek cheese pie) are My Little Expat’s top three recipes Kitchen.

Athens is Zografou’s top choice for a foodie traveling to Greece because “you can find everything from traditional Greek cuisine to modern cuisine”.

She also recommends mezedopoleia, Greek restaurants that only serve meze (small plates of traditional Greek dishes) so you can try all the different dishes.



Elena Paravantes’ blog, OliveTomato, focuses on the nutritional value of the Mediterranean diet.

Tomato Olive / Elena Paravantes

Chicago native Elena Paravantes’ love affair with cooking was sparked by her mother, who cooked exclusively Greek food for her family.

She is now a dietician, nutritionist and writer specializing in the Mediterranean diet and has lived in Athens with her family for 15 years.

With OliveTomato, she aims to spread awareness of the true Mediterranean diet, combining her professional knowledge with her own experiences. Authentic Mediterranean diet recipes, personal antidotes, advice on Greek cooking, updates on new research, and food guides for those visiting Greece are all on the blog’s menu.

Green beans (fasolakia lathera) and roasted okra (bamies) are her favorite recipes in the summer.

“Consumed at room temperature, ideally the day after cooking, they go perfectly with feta and are ideal for summer,” she says.

Her recipe for tender grilled Greek beans in tomato sauce (gigantes plaki) is among the most popular on the blog.

Peloponnese, which offers simple Greek cuisine and quality produce such as the famous Kalamata olives, is his best culinary tip for anyone visiting Greece.

Some of the highlights of the region’s cuisine include traditional casseroles from Arcadia, fir honey from the village of Vytina, eggplant from Leonidio, traditional salt pork (known as syglino) from Mani, and the vineyards from Nemea with the popular Agiorgitiko grape for wine. lovers.

In Athens, Paravantes favorites include the savory pies of Lykavittos Bakery in Kolonaki, Vlassis for traditional Greek casserole-type dishes, Café Avissinia for meze, fun and people-watching, and restaurants 2Mazi and CTC for creative dishes with a strong Greek influence.

do you eat greek


Beef youvetsi, a stew simmered with tomato sauce and orzo pasta, is one of the most popular recipes on the Eat Yourself Greek blog.

eat yourself in Greek

Athens-based Eugenia Makrogianneli founded a food blog do you eat greek to collect Greek family recipes and keep in touch with friends in the UK, where she had spent a few years working.

For her, Greek cuisine is synonymous with heritage and memories, as well as tasty, simple and healthy foods like grilled sea bass with olive oil and lemon.

“I love lesser-known dishes like artichoke stews or black-eyed beans with greens. Simple, quick recipes that are very nutritious and require few ingredients,” she says.

Homemade marinated anchovies perfectly accompanied by a glass of cold ouzo are Eugenia’s favorite dishes.

One of the blog’s highlights is Makrogianneli’s Beef Youvetsi recipe, a simmered stew with spicy tomato sauce and orzo pasta.

“The pasta is cooked in the sauce, then you add a generous helping of cheese to melt just before serving. It’s delicious and very easy to make,” she says.

Crete is its top foodie destination in Greece as it believes it showcases the best of Greek food – lots of vegetables, some delicious meat dishes, a wide variety of cheeses and raki, the signature drink of Crete. ‘Isle.

Besides the blog, Makrogianneli also manages the “Eat like a Greeksupper club (with fellow food blogger Artemis Tsipi), which caters to travelers who want to enjoy simple Greek meals.

Economy Kitchen by FT Bletsas


The Thessaloniki-based Eftychis Bletsas YouTube channel Cooking Economy features Greek cooking vlogs as well as recipes.

Eftychis Bletsas

Eftychis Bletsas (aka FT) is a food, travel and music junkie who has been presenting TV shows about food and travel in Greece for over a decade.

Based in Thessaloniki, FT also has its own YouTube channel, Economy Kitchen by FT Bletsas, where he uploads vlogs and recipes along with his travel adventures around the world.

Gemista (rice-stuffed tomatoes and peppers), imam bayildi (stuffed eggplant), simple grilled fish with lots of fresh vegetables and a simple salad with top quality olives, feta cheese and Cretan rusks are some of his best dishes.

Her most popular videos are her aloe vera juice recipes and a Greek pie called Kixi (pronounced kee-hee)

“Thessaloniki is one of the main destinations for foodies in Greece, and possibly in Europe as well,” he says.

For a quality meal with the best Greek products from local producers, FT suggests visiting Golden Zithos, a classic restaurant popular with locals.

Zagorohoria in the Epirus region, a destination known for its delicious traditional Greek pies, is another of his favorite food stops.

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