25 Best Food Blogs of 2014

Like it or not, we live in the age of the blog. In a country where almost everyone has the possibility, with the click of a mouse, to publish whatever they want on the the Internet, it seems like everyone with an opinion picked up a laptop or tablet and started a blog. This is obviously nothing new (as anyone who had a Xanga account can tell you), but the fact that anyone, anywhere can set up a platform to instantly reach millions of readers ( at least potentially) is worth celebrating. So for the fifth year in a row, we’re ranking the top 25 food-focused blogs, judged by readership and social media following.

25 Best Food Blogs of 2014 (Slideshow)

There’s plenty of time to discuss the merits of what makes a food blog great, whether it’s scoop count, recipe quality, layout, industry usefulness, or general appeal, but classifying blogs in these terms would be very subjective. Instead, we took an objective approach: We scouted nearly 250 top food blogs, using “best-of” lists from sites such as Saveur and Babble, then compiled four facts about each: the average number of monthly visitors for the last year (using data from Compete.com and Quantcast), which accounted for 50% of each blog’s score, and the number of Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, and Facebook fans , on average for the remaining 50%.

There are a few notable differences from last year’s list. The kitchen jumped from #2 to #1, and Simply Recipes, which had held the top spot for the past four years, fell to fourth place. Gluten-free girl and the chef lost 14 places while Elana’s Pantry jumped nine, and David Lebovitz dropped six points. Recipe Girl also jumped 16 places, while serious eating made the jump from #7 to #3.

There were also eight newcomers, while others disappeared from the list altogether. This year we welcome My new roots, I am a food blogger, Dinner: a love story, love and lemons, Dorie Greenpan, local milk, Nourished Kitchen, and The gourmet lover to our list, as we say goodbye to Simple bites, Joy the baker, Royal Bakers, South plate, Eater (which, due to its new expanded format, can no longer really be classified as a blog), Chocolate and zucchini, Rasa Malaysia, and Difficult mouth. Dropping from our list does not in any way indicate a drop in quality; the reasons vary from blog to blog. Some have slowed the publication rate of entries; others have simply been overtaken by other blogs in traffic.

The blogs on our list offer everything from recipes to reviews to simple musings on life and food, but they’re all worth your RSS feed if you love to cook and eat. Click here for our list of the top 25 food blogs, and if you think we missed any, let us know in the comments below!

#25 My new roots

Since 2007, nutritionist Sarah Britton has been sharing her love for whole foods and holistic nutrition on this blog, which features vegetarian, raw, vegan, and macrobiotic recipes, as well as plenty of words of encouragement for those looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Be on the lookout for her first cookbook, released on March 31, 2015.

#24 I am a food blog

“Celebrating the beauty of food”, this simple and fun blog recently won Saveur magazine’s 2014 Editor’s Choice for Best Food Blog and Blog of the Year. It features recipes inspired by their favorite restaurants “or just what’s in the fridge,” but that’s not to say they’re uninspired: They range from Chinese sausage carbonara to nacho rolls. Californians, and are illustrated by magnificent photos. Many of these fun and creative recipes have made it into the blog’s cookbook, Easy Gourmet, which was released earlier this month.

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