25 Best Food Blogs of 2012

The world of food writing has been dramatically shaped and influenced by food bloggers. All it takes is a good idea, knowledge of a specific topic, and a publishing platform to join the community. To the right?

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While that may be true, there’s a reason why some food blogs are so successful while so many others remain relevant only to a small handful of the author’s friends and family. So what makes a good food blog? We believe that a fantastic food blog needs engaging content on a specific topic, stellar photos, and a healthy dose of informed opinions. The blogs that made this list demonstrate all of these things with great finesse.

To compile a list of the top 25 food blogs, we scoured similar “Best Of” lists from other sources, including Saveur and Babble, published in 2012 – the compiled data included over 180 food blogs. Next, we averaged the number of unique visitors to each blog over the past year using Compete.com’s monthly statistics. We also took a look at updated stats for the blogs that made our last two annual lists and added them into the mix.

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But simply considering annual traffic doesn’t necessarily provide an accurate picture of a given blog’s success and prestige. So with that in mind, we looked at the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and Pinterest followers of each blog.

To arrive at the bottom 25, we considered the number of average unique visitors (this accounted for 50% of each blog’s score) and data from the three social media components (which accounted for the remaining 50%). The blogs with the highest total scores made the cut.

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The top 10 blogs remained roughly the same as 2011, with Simply Recipes once again taking the top spot (for the third year in a row). However, the rest of the command has changed significantly. Serious Eats rose from three spots to number five, The Pioneer Woman rose to number two, and Cake Wrecks rose from number nine to number four.

New additions in 2012 include Picky Palate, dental hygienist-turned-mum-blogger Jenny Flake’s guide for parents of gastronomically picky kids (and adults, too, for that matter). Another acclaimed food blog, A Year of Slow Cooking, also made this year’s list. And Christy Jordan, the southern charmer behind Southern Plate has also found her way into the mix.

Also new this year, we awarded six outstanding awards to outstanding blogs in different categories:

Best Cinematography

Best breaking news

Better local coverage

Best Recipes

fastest growing

Most likely to get a book deal

longest run

Curious to know what other blogs made the list? Check out 25 who made the cut. Think we missed your favorite? Comments below.

The 25 best food blogs of 2012 according to The Daily Meal
25. Tasting
24. Rasa Malaysia
23. Pinch My Salt
22. Annie’s Meals
21. Mom’s Kitchen
20. Year of Slow Cooking
19. Joy the Baker
18. Gluten-Free Goddess
17. Our best bites
16. Southern plate
15. Two peas and their pod
14. Eater
13. Hot Kitchen
12. Difficult Palace
11. David Lebovitz
10. Recipe Girl
9. Bakerella
8. Fried cuisine
7. 101 cookbooks
6. The kitchen
5. Eat seriously
4. Cake wrecks
3. Lean Taste
2. The Pioneer Woman
1. Simply Recipes

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